Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 1: First Looks

From That's a Garden?

Here's what the plants look like a few days after planting. Some look better than others, but they all appear to be hanging in there for now.

There's also a shot of the hanging tomato planter. We actually started that about a week ago. It was designed for grape tomatoes, but we planted full size ones anyway. As you can see they are starting to yellow. They looked much better a few days ago. A lot of people seem to have success with hanging gardens so don't write them off all together if ours fails.

Kenny from work told me to watch out for dry soil in a raised planter like that. I have to say he was right on. I watered it this morning and after work it was the driest I've seen it.

I peeked at some of the pea seeds and was happy to see that they've started to make their way upwards. I expect they'll break through in the next day or so.

One more thing... Hailey's got her own Spongebob garden in the kitchen. We put a some pea seeds in some cartoon dixie cups so she could take care of them in the house. They are making progress as well. One is breaking through the surface already.

Here's where the peas are planted.

Here's the tomato planter

Here's the rest

Here's the Spongebob plants

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